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Monday, June 28, 2004

Rubber Gasket for Soundbox Diaphragms

Rubber gasket for soundbox diaphragms, white for Mica diaphragm soundboxes, red for Aluminium diaphragm soundboxes, circular special diaphragm for HMV No4 and No2 soundboxes email for up to date prices

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Earl Okins modified web page

In case you're a collector, looking for a good UK-based dealer in all things to do with the world of 78s, cylinders, the machines that played them and ephemera, just try Mike and June Child! Click on these links for springs and needles...

...or if you have any requests for records or anything else 'gramophonic' or 'phonographic', just e-mail them at...

go to Earl's site for full details of his performances and much more!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Mica Price List, if you want a clearer copy of this price list or of the spring or 78rpm sleeve list email us using the email link Posted by Hello

78 rpm Record sleeves

J. & M. Wholesale (Bedford) Ltd.,
16 Hardwick Road, Bedford, MK42 9LF

Tel. 01234 340829 Int . +44 1234 340829

White Cardboard 78rpm record sleeves

Size Quantity Price P&P
10" 25 10.00 4.50
50 18.00 7.00
100 30.00 7.00
250 75.00 10.00
12” 25 10.00 4.50
50 18.00 7.00
100 31.00 7.50
250 77.50 11.00

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Aluminium phonograph Horn Posted by Hello

This is a medium aluminium phonograph horn for use on Pathe, Columbia, etc,and early Edison Standard phonographs, bell diameter 10" (25.5cm) diagonal size 13" (33cm) email for current price

Aluminium Phonograph Horn Posted by Hello
This is a small aluminium horn for use on Pathe, Columbia, etc Phonographs and also on early Edison Gem phonographs Bell diameter 8 1/2" (21.5cm) Diagonal size 12 " email for current price

Aluminium Phonograph horn Posted by Hello
This is a large aluminium horn suitable for Pathe, Columbia, etc and Early Edison Home Phonographs Bell diameter 12" (30cm) Diagonal Size 16" (40cm) email for current price

Edison Standard Horn Posted by Hello

This phonograph horn is for and Edison Standard or Edison home Phonograph but can also be used on an Edison Gem Phonograph although not strictly correct many people like it as it is aesthetically pleasing, email for current price

Monday, June 14, 2004

More 78's info from Earl Okin

78rpm specialists


J & M Wholesale (Bedford) Ltd.

16, Hardwick Road,

Bedford, MK42 9LF.

Tel: 01234.340829.

Tel. from outside the UK: +44.1234.340829.


I have been a customer of June and Mike Child for some years now. They live out of London and, as well as running their own shop, they regularly sell in markets all over Southern England.

As well as selling 78s and cylinders of all sorts, they also deal in gramophones, phonographs and parts for them (such as springs). They will also service or repair machines, if you can get the machines to them.

Finally, they are a good source for 78rpm and cylinders as well as new hard wearing cardboard record-covers of all sizes 7", 10" and 12"

If you can't read the details of their stock on the pictures below, just 'phone them or write to them. They are always fair pricewise and generally nice people to do business with.

78 rpm records

78rpm records are available for sale every Saturday at Portobello Road, London, see following

Mike & June Child have a stall selling machines, spare parts & 78's on Portobello Road Market, London. Nearest Tube Ladbroke Grove.
Tony Langford writes: the stall is under the tent, by the Westway elevated motorway. Every Saturday 0900 -1700. They can be contacted by telephone on 01234-340829
Terence Brown writes: Good stocks of 78's, all types, usually changed weekly, mostly at a £1, more for scarce items. Gramophones and Phonographs at competitive prices, springs, sound boxes, needles and Gramophonalia. Also a repair and refurbishment service.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Gramophone and Phonograph Needles

Hello if you are interested in information about needles for gramophones or Phonographs you can email us at or see our separate Blogg at

Gramophone springs, Phonograph springs

hello, If you have any interest in springs for gramophones or Phonographs, this Blogg site may help you,

you can email us at any questions you have about springs, or leave comments witbh you email address so we can contact you.

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