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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Questions and answers on a spring request may help other enquirers

Q ) Just wondering if you can help me, I just came across a Coronola portable gramophone that has a broken spring. I want to restore and repair this player but have absolutely no idea how I specify the spring. Can you help?

A ) The Coronola probably has a Garrard motor , if you taker the motor board out , on the base of the motor will be the number of the mechanism eg Garrard 20 or Garrard 30 etc , the springs for these are available on Ebay at the following link

You can also see our spring fitting advice at this link

If it is a Garrard motor with a different motor no or one with a different makers name let us know what the make and no is

Q ) I have taken out the wind up mechanism and the brand is marked as THORENS - Swiss made, any ideas?

A ) Most Thorens single and double spring motors use the Garrard 20 3694 20mm eye/eye spring , occasionally they take 1 " Eye/eye or 1" Hub / Eye springs this can be easily ascertained by measuring the depth of the spring barrel if the spring barrel will take a 1" spring you would then need to take the spring out to ascertain whether it has a Hub or eye fitting centre , also occasionally Thorens motors particularly if single spring may need a longer spring than the 3694 , the 3694 goes into spring barrels with a diameter up to approximately 72 mm if the spring barrel is around 82mm you would need a longer spring , this would be our reference 3731B

Q ) Thanks again for the info below.The measurements I have been able to make are as follows:Width of spring is 19mmInside diameter of casing is +- 65mmI have included a few pictures in the email and I hope that will make it clearerAs you can see from the photos the spring has broken in two. I can clearly see that the inside of the coil is attached via a slot in the spring and can now confirm that the outside end of the spring has a slot as well. The reason I can do this is that I just pulled the remainder of the spring out of the casing and it ( the casing ) flew across my workshop and nearly decapitated the dog. In it's flight ( the casings not the dogs ) I have now lost the screw device that attaches the outside end of the spring to the case, so I need one of those as well, if you have one for saleSorry for all the detail, but if you could give me your best guess on the spring I will place an order for it and the screw bit straight away

A ) I think you will find that the 3694 spring will fit into this spring barrel , the barrel should be deep enough for a 20 mm spring ,the screw which has gone missing is not original , this type of spring barrel has a cut out shape which is pressed into the barrel and the spring is hooked over the cut out , this has broken off at some time , you can recut a new V shape in the metal and push it into the barrel to locate the spring or use any nut and bolt which would have to be inserted from the inside through the spring hole and then through the hole in the barrel , tightening the nut on the outside later , you may need to grind the outside part of the nut and bolt to make it flusher with the outside of the spring barrel as sometimes it will interfere with the governor as it unwinds


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